A Friend in the Darkness – Poem

the moon shall shine
Photo credit: Kaytte Mia

When all seems lost and shadows rise around you

When all dreams are crushed and darkness falls above you

When the sun goes away

The night takes over the day

And you find yourself lost and alone, wandering through the night


The chilly wind blows mercilessly, chilling your bones

The silent gloom of the cold night creeps into your soul

You feel lost and friendless

You are lonely and hopeless

But you’ve got a friend near you even though you mightn’t see her


Through the grey clouds the moon peeks out at you

Gently shining her silvery moonlight over you

Lighting up the night

Brightening up the path

She enlivens your soul and wraps you in her arms of light


She’ll be there every night, asking you about your day

She’ll be there for you, even on the darkest night

watching you

listening to you

Sometimes hidden behind clouds and sometimes shining bright


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