Short Stories


Photo credit: Kaytte Mia

From the slightly parted curtains in my dark room, I saw the full moon rise over the hills. It gleamed like a crystal in the inky night sky. Its ivory rays spread over the forlorn fields and gushed in through the small separation in the curtains.

I pushed off my warm covers, got out of cozy bed, and threw open the curtains and the window. The moonlight flooded into my room, bounced of the pale walls and turned my room into a silvery chamber.

My room was no longer dark, the air no longer chilly, and I no longer felt miserable.

The moon’s lustrous beams soaked into my heart and melted away the gloomy clouds. I felt the silky moonbeams gently touch my face and arms as I leaned out of the window. The moon sparkled and glowed, beckoning me to go out.

I climbed out my window and walked through the cold night. Away from the darkness and towards the light. Over grey fields and steep hills I went, entranced and overpowered by the moon. Everything in the moonlight glowed with a silvery glow. The moon lit my path and warmed the night, and I Strolled on with my eyes on the moon.

I picked it up a guitar that lay on the grass and started playing a tune. The moonbeams began to dance, and I danced with them. The tall grass swayed to the rhythm and the wind whistled as it blew around me.

The spirits of the night awakened. The spirits from long ago became alive. The spirits from other worlds ascended. Strange mumbles whispered through the air, and I was taken away from the harsh world and the unbearable life.


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