Short Stories

In the Midnight

Photo Credit: Kaytte Mia

Directly overhead, the moon shone down brightly on the meadows. From somewhere within the small cabin behind me, a clock struck midnight. I looked over the hedge towards the grey fields, and my heart skipped a beat. Just a field away, the white figure of the woman I waited for could be seen, against the dark forest in the distance.

I watched her with fascination, just as I had watched her every night, as she walked around a huge solitary tree. Who is she? I thought again. Where does she come from? Why does she walk around alone at night?

She had long, dark flowing hair and she wore a plain trailing dress. She appeared to be very beautiful, and I was strongly drawn to her. There was something about the way she walked with grace, but with a bit of carelessness as if the wind interrupted her movements. With every sight of her, my heart fluttered and the desire to know her increased. The sight of her haunted me throughout the day while she was away. She occupied my thoughts and kept me anxiously waiting until midnight for her to come back. And every time I lay my eyes on her, a thrill rushed through my blood.

I would watch her and imagine how wonderful it would be to be with her. I imagined how beautiful it would be to walk with her and hold her close to me. I would imagine looking into her eyes and hearing her voice that must be very beautiful. She would be the love of my life, and I hers. I imagined all the beautiful places we could go together and all the beautiful things we could do. And nothing would ever come in between us or separate us. Nothing would ever take her away from me.

I just have to get to know her and get her to love me as I love her, I thought as I watched her on this night, I just have to go up to her and tell her how much I love her.

As these thoughts went through my head, I suddenly felt anxious to be with her and tell her how I felt about her. I felt I could not live another moment without her. So I jumped the hedge and ran through the grassy field towards her. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My blood rushed through my veins and my heart beat heavily against my ribcage.

As I came closer to her, she walked further away towards the woods. I called out to her, but she walked on steadily. She only stopped when she neared the edge of the woods. I came closer to her and saw that she had been facing me the whole time.

But before I could reach her, she started walking backwards into the wood.

I asked her to stop, but she said no.

Her voice was sweeter than I could ever imagine. It went right into my heart like an arrow, making me feel a quiver of excitement. She turned around and ran through the curving path among the trees. I followed her but couldn’t keep up. She seemed quite familiar with the path and went swiftly over and under rocks and fallen trees. Sometimes I lost her and I felt my heart sink within me, and other times I almost caught up with her and felt almost joyful.

When we reached a clearing in the forest, she stopped and turned to face me. She put her arm out to keep me from coming any closer to her. I adore her beauty from a distance. Her emotionless face shone with beauty in the dark, still night.

“I love you,” I whispered, unable to bear the silence any longer.

“No,” she replied softly dropping her arm by her side.

“Oh, let me love you and be with you till the end of our lives,” I said grabbing her arm, “We were made for each other and I can’t live another minute without you. You are the only love for me.”

“Love does not really exist. Love is just a figment of your imagination. Your imagination creates it just to make your life more dramatic”

I was about to plead, but she went on.

“I do not really exist. I am just a figment of your imagination.”

With that, she disappeared into the night.


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