Photo Credit: Kaytte Mia

A darkness following me

As I drift away from the place I used to be

Sitting alone at night

Feeling like this is what’ll always be


Being with thousands of people

But still being invisible

Slowly drowning in a dark ocean

Or in a crowd of people


Walking on a path with no direction

Not knowing where it’ll end

It’s like living in a city full of people

But having no significance


The silence of the darkness humming in my ear

But it is not really as bad as it seems

It can be a bother, but it is also a comfort

Knowing that no one can break me


Knowing that there is no one who’ll lie to me

No one who can hurt me

Knowing there is no one I’m afraid to lose

It’s a safe place where I can just be me


It is not at all an evil fiend

But a truly good friend

Who has been there always

From beginning to end


An unwanted friend that’ll show up when nobody else does

So you’re not alone even when everyone goes

It will always be there and always have your back

It’ll stay and even go down with you


It teaches you to find yourself and your voice

Away from all the noise

Conscious that I’ll live through my best and worst days

Without anyone’s assistance


Brings out my courage, my self-esteem, my pride,

Showed me how to heal from the inside

Taught me how to find everything from within me

How deal with myself and not to hide


Loneliness is powerful and strong

A clinging monster

Sometimes a tough row to hoe

or too much to handle


Get used to your loneliness

Get to know it well

And you’ll learnt from it that

Your loneliness is you


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